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How can I use web feeds to follow Samuel's blog?

Kåre von Geijer published on
4 min, 661 words

A couple days ago when I checked Samuel's blog, as I do every now and then, I noticed that he had published a new post a whole week ago. Imagine my horror when I realized I was a whole week late to this life changing information! I knew then that it was time to look into RSS and web feeds to find out how I can keep track of updates for things such as this blog. So today I will share my findings with you, so you also can follow Samuel!

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Decision Trees for Data Streams

Kåre von Geijer published on
13 min, 2579 words

Decision trees have been around for several decades as a form of machine learning to mainly classify data. From my own experiences at school and Axis, I saw decision trees as simpler and more explainable when compared to neural networks, but also with less potential. However, it seems that they are used a lot in data mining, where the learning has to be done online. So here we will give a short introduction to decision trees and their online versions.

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What's this?

Kåre von Geijer published on
5 min, 857 words

Welcome to this post and my website in general! Here I aim to ramble a bit about the site and my ideas for what I want to do with it. Let's get rambling :D

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